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FTD Florists Trans World Delivery, or ‘, is one of the bodies floral print and a large retailer. And ‘who specialize in sending flowers, chocolates, plants, fruit, jewelry, toys and balloons. Best selling items to include FTD baskets chocolate indulgence, Get Well Mrs. Fields Bear Scrubs, Birthday Balloon Bunch, Strawberry Decadence, Spirited Gourmet Basket, Eli’s Cheesecake Sampler, watch box personalized, birthday, spa kits, snack baskets and Mrs. Fields. FTD edges out the competition by offering a seamless online booking procedure that comes with reliable payment systems. Customers love the diversity of products from the company and prompt delivery of orders to their designated address. FTD was founded in 1919, when fifteen florists have decided to serve their customers outside the city through the exchange of orders placed on telegraph services. From humble beginnings, the brand has grown exponentially. It operates in 154 countries worldwide through subsidiaries and is headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois.

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